Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My little helper

Well the holdiays been over for quite awhile so I thought I may as well keep up the blog with other stuff!
I tried to take some photos of my hand quilting but a certain four legged furry put a spanner in the works.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Well after a long day of travel, flying from Vancouver Island back to Vancouver then a flight to Winnepeg. Arrived at 11:30pm and had to meet the group at 5:45am to fly to Churchill another 2 1/2 hour flight!
Hit the ground running with a tour around the area and the town with a very entertaining driver.

Outside polar bear jail
We were'nt allowed in!  There were bears in there!

Our bus driver on the way from the airport. Notice the gun just in case!

Plane crash on the tundra, although the pilot called it a "forced landing"  It clipped a power line and was sling shotted along, amazingly all 6 people survived

Main street Churchill takes about two mintutes to drive through! then lunch at the gypsy bakey.  I think it's the most happening place here. then a visit to the eskimo museum, small but very interesting with some great inuit art.
They have a curfew at 10pm at night for the kids and a siren sounds! It set all the husky puppies around the corner howling!  Also if your hear gunshots in the town don't run towards it as they're probaly chasing away a polar bear.
I was talking to a woman in one on the stores and two nights ago her daughter has a polar bear on her back doorstep at 1am in the morning!!!!

Main street Churchill

Husky puppies for sale

But no room in my suit case
At last 8am the next morning on the bus to go out for a day in the tundra buggy!
It's early in the season so we are all crossing our fingers that we find some bears!
After about 1/2 bus drive we're out in the tundra at Frontier Adventures buggy base.
The bus is driven up close to a platform which we enter through a locked stairwell just in case there are PB's underneath! the buggies are heated with a loo but get prety cold when the top windows are dropped for photo ops!
Old viewing platform still used by scientists occasionally.  looks like one good push from a bear and it would topple!
Cleaning the windows on the way, we all had to keep a lookout for PB's!
this is actually part of the road!
AT LAST all my dreams come true, my 1st polar bear in the wild!!!
In the distance BUT Wait there's more!

Really I took this! Not stolen off a website!
I love my camera, have learn't lots about it as a few others on the first tour had one as well.

 check out the feet!
More colours of the tundra

Tundra buggy with "sleepout buggies in front"
Now for the highlight of the day!

Meals on wheels, just what a hungry bear needs!!
Anyway a dream come true!
There's not a lot to do here at night so will probably update again soon.
It's hard to believe I'll be on the way home in a week tomorrow.
All the people I've met in the different tour groups have been lovely, there's even a couple from
Tassie in this one!
Well if off to bed but not before I check out the window to see if anything is prowling around!

Monday, 1 October 2012

What's left of Knight Inlet Lodge

Beware the bears!!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rafting on the Athabasca river

Out the sea plane window Whistler

Another one out the window!

the litle plane I went on and no terrets!

Beautiful city of Victoria, Vancouver Is.

Victoria at night